Meet Nate

Nate grew up in a small town at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Central Virginia. As one of four kids, Nate grew up learning how to compete and the importance of making yourself stand out.

His interest in entrepreneurship and business began in high school where he helped start his first business. He would go on to start his own consulting company right out of college working with small businesses. His perspective was different, his approach was unique, and his results outperformed. One successful relationship led to another. Over the years, Nate has provided advice to best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, and CEO’s from multiple industries across the country.

After a successful exit from his consulting company, today, Nate focuses on helping companies open markets overseas and still takes on opportunities to advise companies based upon his schedule availability. 

In his free time, Nate enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, traveling, coaching and playing soccer, creating products, learning new things, and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs.